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As a company committed to the preservation and appreciation of historical assets, we are proud to present our support for an archaeological research in Turkey.

The ancient site of Lyrbe and its surroundings, on the southern coast of Side, were hit by a devastating fire in 2021. As a result, Lyrbe's unprotected historical heritage is under acute threat and it is crucial to act quickly.

In this blog post, we would like to give you insights into our commitment and the importance of this project, which we have tackled in close cooperation with local authorities and experts.

Thermal baths,Lyrbe
Securing the inventory

Our company has taken on the challenging task of documenting, surveying and georeferencing the remains of Lyrbe.

By using advanced 3D technologies, we will help to capture the ruins in their current form and collect valuable information about the structure and architecture of this ancient city. In addition, plans in the form of orthophotos will be derived from the resulting 3D models.

Capture history in 3D

Capturing Lyrbe in 3D allows us not only to document the current state of the ruins, but also to create a digital reconstruction of the city in its former glory.

This data will help preserve Lyrbe's history and enable future generations to connect with and learn from this fascinating culture.

Die Ergebnisse und Daten werden in Zusammenarbeit mit dem archäologischen Projekt Lyrbe ausgewertet und diesen zur Verfügung gestellt.

Drone flight in front of Lyrbe
360Scan of the Agora
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