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Our services

Whether you are in the construction industry, real estate development or other sectors, we offer the know-how to support your projects.

With headquarters in Usingen in the Taunus region of Hesse, we operate throughout Germany to offer our customers tailor-made and effective support in inventory recording.

Discover the innovative solutions and diverse services of our office!

3D inspection and damage documentation

We understand the inspection as monitoring the entire building structure. In this process, we create deformation-correct 3D models using drone inspection through Structure from Motion (SFM).

For areas such as:

  • Monument owner

  • Large properties

  • Communities

  • Insurance

Model Ederbringhausen

building plans and orthophotos

Unsere Bestandspläne werden durch fortschrittliche Photogrammmetrie- und Laserscanningtechnologien erstellt - einschließlich hochaufgelöster Orthofotos.


Unsere Modelle sind äußerst präzise, mit einer Genauigkeit im Bereich von wenigen Millimetern bis Zentimetern. 


360° and marketing tours

With virtual tours we help you visualize your projects.

We offer 3D tours or marketing tours for buildings of any size:

  • Hotels

  • Commercial properties

  • Private sales

  • Monument preservation

  • Construction research

  • Insurance

3DTour Inn

Area and volume determination

By locating measuring points, we create a precise area or volume calculation.

For areas such as:

  • Municipalities and communities

  • Landfills and opencast mining of any kind


Our team is continuously trained to keep up with the latest developments and technologies.

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