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Hessen Park

The Hessenpark open-air museum is located in the Taunus region of Hesse near Neu-Anspach.

With a large collection of buildings of historical value, the park offers its visitors an experience through the history of Hesse.

During the course of the project, initial inspections made it possible to identify damage and defects at an early stage. 3D tours make the park even more of an experience for visitors.

Inspection on the model
Inspection on the model

Inspection in the open-air museum

First, the buildings are scanned with the drone to create detailed 3D models. These models can then be thoroughly inspected, allowing weak points to be quickly identified and remedied.

3D tour by scanning

We virtually documented the latest project in Hessenpark using the Matterport laser scan/camera.

Using this advanced scanning technology, the so-called "model house for half-timbered renovation" was digitally captured so that visitors now have the opportunity to explore and experience it virtually.

Matterport Scan

Plans using orthophotos

In addition, orthophotos can be generated from the resulting 3D models and converted into plans.

Orthophoto and window view
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